Mr. Abubakar is an Environmental Toxicology Ph.D. student and a Research Assistant at Southern University. Currently, his research is focused on the use of insilico and in-vitro methods to study the cellular immunotoxicological impact of Diesel Particulate Extract on humans; Diverse investigative approaches are used, including Molecular docking, RNA Expression, Gene Expression, Protein homeostasis, and regulation. Several techniques such as Enzyme Link Immuno-Sorbent Assay, Immunoblotting, Mass spectrometry, and q-PCR are used to investigate DPE induced inflammation, cellular homeostasis dysregulation, gene expression, effects on the cannabinoid receptors pathways, nutraceuticals, and many more. He has attended and presented his works at several national and international conferences and has some publications in-press. He has won several research grants and Merit Scholarships, including the Loughborough University African Scholarship (LUST), two Environmental Toxicology Scholarships, and, most recently, the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission Research Grant. Mr. Abubakar has worked with the ICITD Center at Southern University and is currently a member of the ICTU Byrd Research Center, East Carolina University, where he conducts research related to ICT and Environmental sustainability. His other research interest includes Improvement in Water Treatments and Management Technologies, Natural and Traditional Medicine, and Environmental Management practices. He is a certified member of the Association of Commonwealth Traditional Medicine Practitioners for West Africa and the National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP). In addition, Mr. Abubakar is currently the Managing Director of Shesons International Ventures Limited, Nigeria, and the Deputy Chairman, Board of Directors, Fatima Science, and Technology Academy, Nguru, Nigeria. He is also the CEO of Shesons Table Water, Nguru, Nigeria, and had earlier served as the Managing Director of Nonagon Nigeria Ltd, an Estate Management Agency, and as Operational Manager for Shesons Lodge, Nguru, Nigeria. Abubakar had his first degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria, and a master's degree in Water and Environmental Management from the prestigious Loughborough University, in England.