Dr. Ruth Endam Mbah

Dr. Ruth Endam Mbah holds a doctorate in Public Policy Analysis from Southern University and A&M College with a concentration in Public Finance Policy and International Development. She is equally a Research Associate at East Carolina University International Center for Information Technology and Development (ECU-ICITD) and the Nelson Mandela Institute for Research. Dr. Mbah is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Buea, Cameroon, and an MBA in International Business from Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India. She is the Co-founder and President of Broken Ties Foundation, a social non-profit organization created to establish, support, and respond to the corresponding difficulties of managing broken homes in Cameroon. She has volunteered as a Human Resource Assistant (2years) at New Era Tax services, USA, and served as an Accountant/Internal Auditor (4years) in Cameroon’s Banking System. She has equally worked as a Research and Teaching Graduate Assistant (3years) at Southern University and A &M College. Dr. Mbah has served as a United Nations Headquarter intern where she served as the focal point for intern recruitment for the new Department of Operational Support and the other offices administered by the Headquarters Client Support Section (HQCSS) and played an integral part in developing an electronic platform for submitting a personnel-related request to HQCSS Dr. Mbah is a passionate, insightful, creative, analytical, and systematic researcher whose research interests include higher education, sustainable development, humanities, accounting and finance, public policy, criminal justice, public policy theories, and international relations. Her research uses modern applied econometric quantitative models and qualitative models and is focused on producing policy-relevant studies. Generally speaking, her view of policy-relevant research is to look for unexploited datasets to provide new empirical evidence with simple, easy to communicate methods implemented thoughtfully, rather than using complex tools on largely investigated datasets. Dr. Mbah has published seven (7) scholarly articles in reputable peer-reviewed journals. Her brilliant research skills have gotten her several grants and awards: the Indiana University CIBER’s U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) Doctoral Student Research Award; Southern University System Foundation Scholarship; Winford Roan, Jr. Memorial Endowed Award; 2019 Prestige-Cook Travel Award; Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation Award; and 3rd position graduate oral research Beta Kappa Chi and the National Institute of Science Joint Annual Meeting 2019. She was equally selected to chair the American Criminal Justice Panel at the Alabama Political Science Association Conference 2018 More so, her research writings have been accepted at several scholarly conferences both in the USA and internationally: Paris International Academic Conference on Business & Economics 2017; Louisiana Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting 2018; Alabama Political Science Association Conference 2018; Covenant University International Conference on Entrepreneurship CU-ICE, 2018; Louisiana Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting 2019; Southern Political Science Association Conference 2019; Beta Kappa Chi and the National Institute of Science Joint Annual Meeting 2019; West Texas A&M University Student Research Conference 2019; and 9 the Annual International Conference of Accounting and Finance (AF 2019).